DIY Paper Flowers/Bouquet

Do you have a wedding coming up and you need flowers for a bouquet, but you really don't care for real flowers or the cost of real flowers? Recently, I had a client reach out to me asking me to make her a paper flower bouquet made from book pages of her favorite books and some lilac paper flowers. She did want to include a letter from her father but that letter didn't make it to this project. I typical do not do a lot of paper flower projects but I love the way they turn out when I do, plus this project had so many special meanings behind it, I had to do it!

In this blog post, I thought I'd share how to make your own paper bouquet since they can some times be expensive to purchase due to the amount of time it can take to make them. However, if you have the time and skill (it doesn't take much as long as you can cut and fold lol), then I'd say give it a try.

Heres what you'll need.


*Paper (cardstock, book pages, or whatever you want to use)

*Hot Glue

*Hot Glue Gun


*Template (you can find them everywhere, google, Etsy, etc) or make your own

*Ribbon (whatever color you would like)

*Flower Wire or Kabob/Skewers Sticks* (optional, depends on how you want to put it together)

*Jewels (brooches, rhinestones or whatever you like, spray glitter would probably be a nice addition to add afterwards)

Note, you could use glitter cardstock but they can tend to be hard to work with so keep that in mind before starting your project.

I also used my Cricut machine to cut the lilac flowers but cut the book pages by hand.

Let's Begin:

1. Print out your template or free hand some flower shapes in varies sizes on a plain sheet of paper. Remember you can print and cut out as many as you want. There is no limit. You rather have more than not enough because you'll have to stop mid project to cut more.

2. Cut out all templates to trace on your paper, then cut. Note, if you are doing an ombre flower, cut your colors in order of size so the colors fade in or out depending on how you would like them. Be sure to keep all papers separated. Again, I cut my lilac flowers with my Cricut and did the book pages by hand.

3. Be sure to keep all papers separated by size so you can assemble them in order.

4. Next you want to start putting the pieces together. You want to start with the smallest petal by rolling the first piece. Glue the ends.

5. Next, you want to add the first petal to your first set of 4 petal in the smallest set. Then begin to fold in the edges and glue them to the middle.