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Feeling Bored?

Hey Guys!! With the pandemic going and we are all finding ourselves with some extra time (STAY HOME) and we may be running out of things to do. Recently, I did a podcast, that you can catch right here on the site, about things you can do during this time. I wanted to list a few things here and you can catch the rest on Hey Frans, Episode 4.

So one of the unique things I listed visiting a museum virtually. Yes, you read that right. You can visit some cool museums around the world virtually. If you google "virtual museum tours" you will get a good list of ones you can visit. I know there are some free ones available but there may be a fee associated with some. But if there was a museum you have been eyeing then this may be a chance to check it our from your own home! I think this is a super cool idea to do and you can also introduce your kids to some great art and artifact pieces.

Another idea is to practice self care. By this I mean, since beauty and nails salons, barbershop and what nots are all closed due to everything going on and you can learn how to do somethings yourself from YouTube! NOW LISTEN....tread lightly on this. If this is something you are not use to I would not recommend you do anything with chemicals or cutting! You don't want to ruin anything LOL. However, if you are like me and tend to do a lot of stuff at home anyway, give it a try. You can find home workouts on there as well. YouTube also has a lot of things you can learn how to do. Tips on starting a podcast or a business, how to use photoshop and more. Honestly, its like free education! I highly recommend!

Research something you have been interested in. For example, have you been interested in stocks but not sure how to get started? Look it up. Get some digital books on it and ask around. Now is the time to sit down and learn about investments and how to make your money stretch. Times like this don't always happen but you want to be ready to go when we are back to normal! Also take up that second language. A great app to check out is Duolingo. Yall, this app has so many languages you can start to learn right from your phone. They have Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Hindi, Romanian and so much more. Learn yourself something new!!

You can start a garden. If you already have the supplies at home. Why not start a garden. Even if its a very small garden. If you have some seeds and soil get started. Especially with times like these, it doesn't hurt to have some small food items growing at home! Maybe it will become your favorite new hobby!

Lastly, have a FaceTime or Zoom party! Tell all your friends and family to meet you at 7pm and yall have a good time. Maybe all tune into the same radio station or someone can be the DJ. Play a game. Have drinks. Whatever you can think of so you can get that social interaction but also practicing social distance can be a lot of fun!

I hope this helped you all and gave you some ideas on how to pass the time. We all hope this ends sooner than later. I pray you all will be safe and take care of yourselves. STAY HOME as much as possible and wash those hands!


Lana Nicole

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