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I Started a Podcast!

YOU GUYSSSS!! I'm so excited to announce I have finally started my podcast. I've been talking about this forever now and I said ITS TIME. It's called Hey Frans. I have officially uploaded my first episode which is an intro episode just so you can get to know me a little bit better and know what my podcast is all about. I'll be talking about all types of fun things like entrepreneurship to how to purchase a home to Brazilian waxes. I want to cover a lot of topics as long as you come out with something positive and you've had a good time and maybe even learned something!

Right now I am available on Anchor, but it will be available on all platforms soon. Its takes a little time to get on everywhere! Click here to check out the intro episode on Anchor and I will be adding episodes to my website as well!

Thank you to those who want to jump on this journey with me. Its going to be a great ride!!


Lana Nicole

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