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My Favorite WOC Businesses | Part 1 - Beauty & Skin

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Hey everyone! I just celebrated my 38th birthday last week. One of the things I told myself I would do this year would be to find more women owned businesses and support them in any way that I can. Specifically, women of color. As a business owner myself, I know how hard it is to shine in the big word of entrepreneurship! All year I have been finding new businesses. Some I already knew about but most were new. And let me tell you, I found so many gems. In this blog post, I wanted to feature a few beauty and skin lines and do the same again later with other areas. All these brands, I've actually purchased from, so my word is true to my experience and I hope you all have the same experience if you decide to purchase from them. The holidays are right around the corner, how about giving these ladies and their brands a chance!! Let's get started!

Dame Body : This brand is not only a brand but a community. A Goddess community. She sells wonderful self care items. I'm talking bath salts, body butters and oils, facial care, soaps, moisturizers and more. She even has items for men! Get your man smelling right y'all!! Besides her being super sweet, the owner Sannae, is out here getting you right! I promise you all won't be disappointed with a purchase from this brand. She has so many great items you can even give as stocking stuffers! She is currently featuring are some awesome Fall products listed right now. You can sign up for her mailing list and get $10 off! She has Dame Rewards where members will receive 30% off for her exclusive Black Friday Sale.

Check her out, by clicking here! Follow the brand on IG : @thedamesannae

Beladoce Botanicals: This brand is owned by Elena, who is such a sweetheart! She also has a Beladoce community and offers free shipping on orders over $40 and a reward program. She has skin care, body care, lip gloss, cleansers, bath salts and candles. My all time favorite is the Miami Glow fragrance. I swear its tropical heaven in a bottle. She communicates well with her customers and works so very hard. Y'all I got so many goodies from her, she has a customer for life in me! Her candles alone will have your house smelling amazing. Get your friends and family some goodies for the holidays. She's dropping a new product today!! Get it while you can! Check out her shop here. Follow the brand on IG : @beladoceskin

Diamond Whipped Body Butter : You guys when I tell you these body butters smell so good you'll want to eat them! I mean it. Diamond, the owner, has the most amazing flavors and you will not be disappointed with any purchase. I've gotten a few butters from her and the Lemon Cookie might be my favorite. But she's launching a new butter fragrance, Vanilla Apple Cinnamon, for the holidays. Tell me that doesn't sound delicious!!! Diamond is also as sweet her fragrances in her shop! Her butters go on so smooth and really add moisture to your body. Stock up for the holidays by clicking here. Follow the brand on IG: @dwbodybutter

Marie Kirk LA : Marie Kirk LA is a beauty brand that sells lashes, beauty tools, glitters and now clothing. You can sign up for their mailing list and get 15% off right away! And they even offer Afterpay now! How could you lose? You can also get services on their website, like a blowout, silk press and makeover if you are in their local area. Raeven Marie is the owner and she is also very sweet. I got some of the prettiest glitters for my eyes from her. This brand is growing more and more everyday. Jump on this wagon because I foresee so many good things to come! And today 11/11 they are having a FLASH SALE on all lashes. They are all $11, no code needed! Here is the site, click here. Follow this brand on IG: @shopmariekirkla

Beauty Bakerie Makeup : Last but not least, I wanted to share this gem! This brand is major! Cashmere Nicole is the owner and seems to be so down to earth. She goes live often and talks to her customers about products. They have been blowing up all over the place. They were recently featured in the October BoxyCharm sub box where I got to try their Breakfast in Bed palette which they were actually offering for free on the website with any purchase just last week! But I had already given them a try before that. Let me tell you, this brand is UNMATCHED when it comes to packaging! They have the cutest way to package their items. I mean you guys I didn't want to even want to take my stuff out the box because it was so pretty. They have great customer service and offer an amazing reward program as well. Check this brand out here if you haven't yet already. They have amazing products for all skin types and skin tones. Follow this brand on IG : @beautybakeriemakeup

This is concludes the first part of my favorites! Trust me I have so many more to share with you! Next up will be clothing and jewelry. I hope you guys are getting your coins ready for all this goodies I'm bringing you. If you happen to try these brands please let me know. I'd love to hear your experience and how you liked the products. Ive ordered from them all, so I know you all will enjoy just as much as I did. And hey, if its not your cup of tea you can always gift something to someone you love this holiday season and still support these beauty women in the process! Stay tuned for the next round coming up soon!!

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