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My Favorite WOC Businesses | Part 2 - Clothing & Jewelry

HEY HEY! I'm back at it. You guys didn't think I was done did you? So I have to let ya'll know my favorite boutique's and jewelry lines. Custom shirt makers and more. Let's get into it!

Aliyah's Expressions: This online boutique is growing right before our eyes. This Los Angeles based boutique has everything you need from purses, sunglasses, clothing and she is still growing her inventory all the time. The owner, Jilia, is amazing! She works hard and is determined to grow this brand. She is so easy to work with. She sends your order out as quickly as possible. I've gotten several bags from her that I love so much and get some many compliments on. Ive gotten the most comfy leggings as well. She is up on the latest trends and her clothing speaks comfortability and chic! The boutique currently having a sale of 20% off the whole site now through Cyber Monday. Use the code: EXPRESS20 and get your shop on!

Check out her website here. Follow this brand on IG : @aliyahsexpressions

Jem Adorn: This brand is super special. This brand is very much about women empowerment and have been growing and glowing so much behind the scenes. Jem Adorn offers so many unique, quality pieces of jewelry that the owner, Cathy has work on so hard to design. She designed each piece in their own beautiful way. The brand is currently rebranding itself and launching tomorrow!! You better believe there is going to be an amazing sale with Black Friday and Cyber Monday right around the corner, so look out for that. I promise you will not be disappointed with her pieces. I love the ones I have so much. They will jazz up an outfit in seconds. Classy, classy, classy!!

Check out the website here. Follow this brand on IG: @jemadorn

Cute and Conscious: This brand offers amazing custom t-shirts and now mask. Have the perfect shoe but you need the shirt to match. Well this is brand for you. Lavita, the owner, who is amazing and so fun by the way, has so many cute and corky t-shirts that you would love to have in your closet. Need something custom for a birthday party or event, she will have you and your whole family looking right. Want the perfect baby onesie, she's got you!

Check out her website here. Follow this brand on IG: @cuteandconscious

A.Valise Creations: This is a custom jewelry brand. She makes custom earrings, necklaces, keychains, and more. You can sign up for her email list and get 15% off right away. I'm a sucker for anything custom and big earrings. She has so many options to chose from. Shipping is about 2 weeks or so and she will send you notification once your custom pieces have been mailed. She offers tips about jewelry care on her site and its, very easy to order. She runs sales through out the year so she may have something in store for Black Friday but I cannot confirm this. She has pieces for men and custom Apple watch bands.

Check out her site here. Follow this brand on IG : @a.valisecreations

Candace Cort Designs: I love this woman's head wraps! Candace's wraps are so well made. I mean you can feel the quality in her stuff. She packs her orders really well and just gives you a great experience when you order from her. I was really pleased with the head wrap and matching mask I received from her a few months back. She has so many beautiful African prints you can choose from. You can also get 10% off right away when you sign up for her mailing list. Right now she is also offering early access to her Black Friday sale by signing up. She also designs custom made dresses. She has sets, tops and more on her site ready for you to purchase as well. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Check out her site here. Follow this brand on IG: @candacecortdesigns

Though these are my top 5, I wanted to mention one more that I just came across this week. This brand is not owned by a woman but it is definitely for woman so lets call this a bonus one! The brand is Brandon Blackwood. You guys this man makes some beautiful bags, I just had to share them! So while everyone is crying over these other big named brands, folks are getting hip to this beautiful brand. I haven't had a chance to purchase from him yet but its definitely on my list. Check out his website here and follow this brand on IG: @brandonblackwoodnyc

There are a few others that I love and I'm sure I will talk about them at some point. But for now, I hope you guys love these brands and consider buying from them this holiday season. I will be talking about these brands as well on the podcast this week, so tune in to get the real deal on these brands. If you try any, let me know. I'd love to hear about your experience.

I hope you guys enjoyed these last two blogs. I got so many new brands to try today when I asked people to send over their favorites so I'll be back for more.

If you don't know, I am currently running a sale in my decor line (just click home decor on the menu above) and the whole site is 20% off. The custom party supplies will have a very similar sale as well so look out for that announcement later on in the week!!

Love you guys,

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