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Thanksgiving Table Decor on a Budget!!

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, literally in 3 days, most of us are thinking about the menu. But after the cost of food, sometimes there may not be much left for decor. The best thing about Thanksgiving is, with all the food on the table, you really don't need much! I want to show you how to do a simple way to take up your table decor for the holidays!

I went out to a few stores to see what I can find ON SALE for our table decor. Most people have something they use every year but I haven't put much thought into the decor and this year I wanted to try something different. Our table is a bright blue but I wasn't too concerned with matching to a tea. And honestly blue is just not in the color family when it comes to Thanksgiving. But you can always add a table cloth to change your colors a bit more!

Here's what I found:

  • Table Runner for $1.00 (Dollar Tree)

  • 8 Chargers (in Gold and Burgundy) for $1.00each (Dollar Tree) NOTE: Walmart will have charges on sale sometimes for as low as 25 cents! Just depends on your area. So don't be afraid to look around. $8.00.

  • I got 2 small decorative pumpkins from the Dollar Tree, $2.00.

  • I also got 2 bundles of flowers, originally $5 a bundle but where on sale for 50% off ($2.50 each) and 1 plum glass pumpkin also on sale, originally $18 now 50% off ($9) from Big Lots.

  • One set of 4 iridescent wine glasses to add to the table. I already have a lot of wine glasses but I couldn't pass these up so I had to get them. These were $12.00 at Big Lots.

TOTAL: $37.00

I then went ahead and added everything to the table for some simple decor that added a lot to the room. I did add some candle holders that I already had at home to the table and put the flowers in them. If you are wondering where they are from, I got them from the 99cent store here in SoCal. I believe they have them in silver too. However, I got them quite a while ago but you may be able to still find them. Decorate how you would like. You can then add the food to the table on Thursday and it will look beautiful and yummy.

Check out my pictures below, I hope you like them and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

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