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Valentine's Day Goodie Bags

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to do something different for my daughter's class for Valentine's Day. Since she is my youngest and the boys no longer do fun things in their class, I thought I would put a little extra effort in this year's activities. My daughter is in kindergarten and this is the first time she is doing something for V-Day with a class since she didn't go to preschool. I decided since custom chip bags are my biggest hit right now, that I would create some fun bags for her class.

The idea is to have a character that represents her and then a character that looks some what like her classmates on the bags. I made some burgundy/pink bags for the girls and some blue/light blue bags for the boys. The only trouble I was having was finding characters that looked like all the kids. So I did my usual search and remembered that I had some "kids" already downloaded on my computer in a V-Day package I had gotten a while back from Creative Market. I did not have all the characters I needed but I took some from other sets I had and added them to the bags and went from there.

My daughter is in a dual immersion program which means she is learning another language while she is learning her kindergarten basics. The program runs from K-8th, so that the children are bilingual by the end of 8th grade. There are two options available in our area, Spanish and Mandarin. We opted for Spanish. Though we live in a big Asian community, we thought that Spanish would be great for her to learn first. The best part is, our area still offers free Mandarin after school so she will get to learn that too, but maybe next year!

Being that she is in a Spanish class, with the help of Google and a good friend of mine, because we all know Google translate is not always right, I made sure I titled the bags to read Happy Valentine's Day *insert child's name* from Khaleesi (my daughter, yes we are huge GOT fans lol). I wanted to it to be in Spanish because everything they learn is strictly in Spanish. Here's an example of two of the bags.

I then had to decide on what to put in the bags, because I didn't want to put just chips. So I went to Target and the 99cent Store and got some goodies to put in the bags. Some fun erasers, stickers, chocolates, you know the regular fun stuff. I decided to leave the bags open so that the kids didn't have to struggle to get them open and of course the teacher could see what was inside.

I think they came out very cute and they were very fun to make. Maybe next year I will offer something fun in the shop for you all to purchase, but for now this is what I've got.

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


- Lana Nicole

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