Etched Mandala Peacock Coasters

Etched Mandala Peacock Coasters


Set of 2 colorful peacock coasters. 

  • Specs

    4.5 Inches 

  • Care Instructions

    Resin should be stored at room temperature and never left in direct sunlight or extreme heat. Doing so may cause the resin to bend, deform, or release fumes due to heating. Resin is NOT dishwasher safe and items that require washing should be hand washed only with mild soap and cold/room temperature water.


    All resin creations are one of kind and cannot be duplicated exactly. Listing photos are of items we have made in the past and serve as a reference only for your item. Colors, patterns, and inclusions may vary slightly due to brands used, lighting, and monitor settings.


    As with all handmade items, small imperfections may occur. Common imperfections found when working with resin are air bubbles. We do our best to minimize imperfections by sanding and polishing finished items and using heat to pop as many air bubbles during the curing process.